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There are few things that can enrich your home quite to the same extent as a well-maintained aquarium. Whether it’s something small and simple or a large fish tank filled with various exotic specimens, an aquarium is a piece of wilderness that you can enjoy without leaving your living room.

However, it’s not enough to simply fill your tank with water and fish for it to become a true aquarium. For that, you need some reliable supplies that will not only keep your fish happy and busy, but also be a sight for sore eyes as you relax at home. If you’re still unsure about where to buy an aquarium or fish tank supplies, Aquael is the answer you seek.

With over 35 years of experience, we’ve made it our mission to provide our clients with the best fish aquarium supplies they can find. Our factories are based in Poland, but we reach clients all around the world, offering some of the best aquarium supplies for sale in the UK, US, and beyond. We work with all the mainstream organizations and associations of aquarium keepers in order to ensure that the quality and utility of our products matches the needs of our clients to a tee.



AQUAEL has launched another novelty product: the innovative LEDDY SET with advanced LED lighting technology.

The set includes an aquarium tank with a rectangular front wall; a state-ofthe- art lid made of plastic by injection moulding; the advanced LEDDY TUBE lighting module built into the lid; a maintenance-free automatic heater, and a powerful internal filter. Of particular note is the lid with its patented SMART OPEN opening system, which eliminates the need for hinges and supports and facilitates all kinds of maintenance works carried out inside the tank. The lid is equipped with an exceptionally wide flap for unobstructed fish feeding. The inbuilt LEDDY TUBE SUNNY lighting module emits a strong light whose spectrum is similar to sunlight, so it faithfully renders the natural colours of plants and fish. The operating life of the light module is about 50 thousand hours, which means that it would need replacement once every 8-10 years.

Shrimp Set Day & Night.jpg

Shrimp Set Day & Night is a fully equipped nano aquarium that provides the ideal conditions for plants, shrimps and small fish. It has now been improved with the inclusion of our Day & Night LED lighting. Depending on your needs you can now choose from 3 lighting modes–2 different levels of daylight and blue night light. LED it shine day & night!

  • Complete set

  • Provides ideal conditions for plants, shrimps and small fish

  • Leddy Smart Day & Night 4.8W lighting
    – 3 lighting modes: DAY / DAYBREAK / NIGHT

  • Turbo Mini Filter
    – 320 l / h
    – Efficiency, aeration and water flow direction adjustment

  • Fix 2 automatic heater
    – Smart Heating System – adjusts the heating power to surrounding conditions

  • Modern design

  • Glass lid with Smart Open System

  • Minimalistic corners–securing the bottom of the aquarium

  • Made in Europe

  • Packaging created in cooperation with well-known aquascapers – inspiring scapes by Michał Adamek and Aquaman Studio

Shrimp Set Day & Night Sizes.jpg
Fish & Shrimp Set Duo 35.png

FISH&SHRIMP SET SMART DUO is a new addition to the existing SHRIMP SET range of products offered by AQUAEL. The set includes amodern cube-like tank glued with transparent silicone, with the dimensions of 35x35x40 cm (49 l capacity). The tank is supplied with a glass cover with a special cut-out for the installation of a canister filter. The glass cover is equipped with the SMART OPEN system: when lifted, the cover hooks onto the edge of the rear wall and stays in an upright position. The set also includes a sponge mat to protect the bottom of the tank.

The lighting unit employed in the FISH&SHRIMP SET SMART DUO is the versatile LEDDY SLIM DUO SUNNY & PLANT double lamp that can be fixed onto the edge of one of the tank walls. The lamp contains two rows of LEDs with a total power of 10 W (2×5 W). Half of them are SUNNY LEDs, emitting light that is similar to natural sunlight (colour temperature of 6500 K), and the other half arePLANT LEDs, designed especially for plants (colour temperature of 8000 K). The lamp provides a comprehensive illuminationof an aquarium tank without distorting the natural colours of its interior. The light emitted by the lamp provides favourable conditions for a rapid growth of plants. Apart from a unique decorative effect, the use of the lamp means significant savings due to lower energy bills (the lamp consumes very little power) and to the fact that there is no need for frequent replacement.

Water filtration is performed by the advanced high-capacity (up to 1200 l/h) VERSAMAX-3 filter (ony in white version, black is equipped with Versamax 2). Thanks to smooth performance adjustment, the intensity of water filtration can be adjusted to the needs of a particular tank. The set also includes an automatic heater to maintain constant water temperature.

FISH&SHRIMP SET SMART DUO is ideal for creating shrimp tanks and small plant aquariums as well as for keeping small fish. Due to its stylish design, it will fit perfectly into any modern interior, creating a unique decorative effect.

Oxyboost Plus.png

AQUAEL OXYBOOST PLUS aerators / membrane pumps continue the 30-year tradition of the production of membrane aerators by Aquael.Compared to other competing devices, they are distinguished by modern design, excellent workmanship, and high productivity.

The OXYBOOST PLUS line of aerators includes four models: AP 100 PLUS, APR 150 PLUS, AP 200 PLUS, and APR 300 PLUS. The numbers correspond to the maximum performance of the respective device, expressed as liters of air that can be pumped through it in one hour. The 100 and 150 models have one outlet, and the 200 and 300 models have two outlets. The APR models provide for smooth performance adjustment by means of a handy dial located in the upper part of the device body.

The body of the new aerator is characterized by sleek black-and-white design. Thanks to the rounded disk-like shape, the device is easy to keep clean.

The OXYBOOST PLUS aerators are manufactured with great care, using modern production technologies. It is worth emphasising that, unlike most membrane aerators on the market, they are produced in the European Union, since the entire production cycle is carried out at the AQUAEL factory in the Polish town of Suwałki. This means that accessories like membranes or piston units are always in stock.

Despite their high performance, the OXYBOOST PLUS membrane pumps consume little power (2.2-2.5 W). They are ideally suited for continuous operation as aerating devices (we recommend to use them together with the AQUAEL AIR LIGHTS illuminated nozzles for an outstanding ornamental effect) or as the drives of conventional sponge filters and undergravel filters. You can even use them in marine aquariums as the drives of simple tube skimmers.

Turbo Filter.png

AQUAEL TURBO FILTER is designed for the cleaning and aeration of aquarium water. This quiet and energy-efficient filter provides double (mechanical and biological) filtration out of the box. It is compatible with any biological or chemical filter cartridges offered by AQUAEL, such as BioCeraMAX Pro 600, BioCeraMAX Pro 1200, BioCeraMAX Pro 1600, ZeoMAX PLUS, CarboMAX PLUS, NitroMAX PRO, PhosMAX BASIC, and PhosMAX PRO.

The sealed rotor chamber ensures high efficiency at a relatively low level of power consumption. All the AQUAEL TURBO FILTER models are equipped with special shock-absorbing suction cups to dampen vibrations that may be carried to the glass and to muffle the operation of the device.

The larger models, TURBO FILTER 1000, 1500, and 2000, are equipped with a ceramic rotor axis for even quieter operation and enhanced durability.

Thanks to the special design of AQUAEL TURBO internal filters, they are easily expandable. The filter media containers can be filled with any filter medium, as required.

The starter kit includes:

  • a container for loose filter media with a capacity of 250 ml in the TURBO FILTER 500 model and 625 ml in the TURBO FILTER 1000, 1500, and 2000 models,

  • one BioCeraMAX Pro 600 cartridge for biological filtration,

  • one sponge of carefully selected density to ensure high filtering parameters for as long as possible

TURBO filters are available in three installation configurations: sponge only, container only, container plus a sponge. Additional containers for filter media can be bought separately. You can easily join them in columns thanks to a specially designed connection system. In this way, the filter can be transformed into a customised device with unique filtration parameters, carefully tailored to individual needs.

Fan Filter.png

AQUAEL FAN internal filter is designed for the cleaning and aeration of aquariums water. Thanks to the carefully selected sponge on a perforated arbour, the filter is dirt-resistant and does not require frequent cleaning. The protective plastic container intercepts coarse pollutants, which ensures the long-lasting efficient filtration of aquarium water.

FAN internal filter is easy to install and operate. The specially designed filter media chamber prevents water from flowing out of the filter and into the fish tank during water changes or when the filter is removed from the aquarium e.g. in order to wash the sponge.

The sealed rotor chamber ensures quiet operation and high performance at a relatively low level of power consumption.

In addition, the MICRO model of AQUAEL FAN filters can operate in very shallow water (as little as 2 inches deep) which makes it ideal even for the smallest of aquaterrariums.

Uniquely to FAN internal filters, performance can be conveniently adjusted without the need to insert hands into the water, since the dome with an ergonomic control dial can be placed above the water surface.

The direction of water outflow can be adjusted by up to 75°.

Versamax 3.jpg

VERSAMAX is an external hang-on filter designed for the filtration and aeration of water in regular-sized and nano-aquariums. Thanks to its high throughput capacity, the filter guarantees intensive filtration of aquarium water, while requiring very little space. The filter is very quiet and easy to use. VERSAMAX filters can be used in water tanks with the capacity of 50 to 300 liters.

Components of the standard package
Each package includes a filter lid, a flow-through unit, and a container for filter media with a sponge cartridge. The VERSAMAX filter is completely watertight, because the entire container is made of one piece.

Mode of functioning
Hang the filter on an aquarium wall so that the suction tube is inside the tank, whereas the body of the pump – on the outside. At the start-up, fill the filter container with water and then plug the connection cable into the mains. Shortly after the activation, a properly assembled filter will suck the air out of the suction system and start pumping water from the aquarium. The pumping capacity can be adjusted within a wide range by means of a dial located on the top of the flow-through unit.

The pump draws water from the lower part of the water tank, next the water flows through the filter cartridges, and finally it is released back into the aquarium. The filtration baskets are designed to facilitate cartridge replacement.

Filter throughput can be adjusted using the dial located on the top of the flow-through unit. The angle of inclination of the filter is also adjustable.

Filter media

The standard set of cartridges for the VERSAMAX filter includes a sponge cartridge made of special phenol-free sponge. It constitutes a particularly favourable substrate for the growth of bacterial cultures employed to remove organic impurities from the water. In this way, effective mechanical filtration is supplemented with excellent biological filtration.

Filter cartridges can be freely combined or replaced with other filter media for biological or chemical filtration. For example, you can combine cartridges for biological filtration with a sponge for mechanical filtration. Make sure that individual media are arranged in equal layers in both parts of the filter baskets.

UltraMax Filter 1.png
UltraMax Filter 2.png

ULTRAMAX – innovative, technologically advanced canister filters employing patented solutions. They are extraordinarily user-friendly and can be used in virtually any tank to purify water and maintain the required water parameters. They can be used in freshwater and marine aquariums. These are their main advantages:

Unprecedented performance – the ULTRAMAX filters boast a high water flow rate (max. 1000 up to 2000 l/h) and can efficiently operate even in very large tanks (up to 700 l). In addition, being very capacious, they can hold large quantities of filter media. Filter media are placed in handy ergonomic baskets with a capacity of 1.9 l each (depending on the model, the number of baskets is 3 to 5). This guarantees extremely efficient mechanical and biological filtration. The filters are supplied with a complete set of filter media carefully selected to meet the needs of a typical aquarium.

Inbuilt pre-filter – the first of its kind in the market There is a big sponge pre-filter built into the lid of each ULTRAMAX filter (with a capacity of ca. 0.6 l). It is designed to capture course mechanical impurities before they can get inside the filter. In this way, the pre-filter protects the device from clogging, which reduces the required frequency of cleaning to a minimum. Instead, it is sufficient to regularly wash the pre-filter sponge in tap water. This only takes a few minutes and does not require disconnecting the filter from the power supply or taking it out of the aquarium stand.

Exceptionally quiet operation: the excellent design of the pump rotor and the rotor chamber – grounded in more than thirty years of experience of AQUAEL’S engineering team – and the use of a ceramic rotor shaft result in virtually noiseless operation. For this reason, the filter can be freely used in any room, even in a bedroom.

Exceptionally low power consumption – AQUAEL cares about the natural environment and helps its customers save money. That is why the innovative ULTRAMAX filters consume very little energy, which means lower electricity bills for aquarium keepers. The ULTRAMAX 2000 model only consumes 24 W per hour!

Safety of operation – the water inlets and outlets in the ULTRAMAX filters are equipped with dual ball-valves that are extremely reliable. The valves prevent even the smallest water leaks and allow the hoses to be easily and quickly disconnected from the filter when it has to undergo cleaning and maintenance.

The ULTRAMAX product line includes three filter models (ULTRAMAX 1000, 1500, and 2000) with the throughput capacity of 1000 up to 2000 l/h.

Product advantages:

  • the large volume of filter media creates ideal conditions for the growth of beneficial nitrifying bacteria

  • inbuilt pre-filter ensures long operation without the need for cleaning

  • free configuration of filter media

  • fine performance control makes it easy to adjust the rate of operation to the user’s needs

  • self-priming mode at the start-up

  • exceptionally quiet operation thanks to the use of a ceramic rotor shaft

  • integrated cut-off valves

Ultra Heater.png

ULTRA HEATER – The first smart aquarium heaters.
New in 2020 – Smart Heating System*. A microprocessor controller selects the lowest heating power necessary for maintaining the set water temperature in the aquarium. When necessary, the microprocessor increases or decreases the power to maintain the set temperature. Using the Smart Heating System allows for lower temperature amplitude of aquarium water thanks to the more stable operation of the device. In addition, the SHS positively affects the durability of the heating element and the heater’s lifespan.

The heater is programmed using a very convenient ONE-TOUCH system featuring a single button and an LED ring indicating current and set temperatures.

The electronic thermostat offers unique precision of +/-0.25°C, maintaining constant temperature in the aquarium, ensuring thermal comfort for even the most sensitive aquarium species.
Temperature control range from 20 do 33°C makes it possible to use the heater in the treatment of many fish diseases, including the so-called “fish smallpox”.

ULTRA HEATER features also a built-in warning system in case of water overheating in hot weather. Shatterproof plastic housing makes the ULTRA HEATER water heaters perfect for tanks with large, strong fish and even with water turtles. The devices are completely safe and will not cause burns to even such sensitive fish as catfish and rays.

The ULTRA HEATER range encompasses 6 models ranging from 25 to 200 W, and are available in 3 lengths, which allows precise adjustment to aquarium size.

ULTRA HEATER devices are the most advanced products on the market intended for heating water in aquariums.

Heating aquarium water has never been so intuitive and safe. See for yourself!


  • One Touch System – convenient temperature control with one button

  • Built-in thermal switch – the heater is automatically switched off in case of excessive temperature increase in hot weather

  • Fully electronic – no parts of the thermostat are prone to mechanical failure

  • Built-in electronic thermostat – displays current water temperature in the tank using a colour-display

  • Crack-resistant enclosure made of special plastic

  • Precise electronic thermostat (+/-0.25°C)

  • Heater operation and current temperature indicated with colour LEDs

  • Suited for operation in freshwater and saltwater aquariums

  • The ULTRA HEATER deices are manufactured according to the most stringent European safety standards, ensuring safe operation and maintenance.

  • Each unit is tested and calibrated at the AQUAEL laboratory, ensuring precision.

  • Made in Poland

GOLD Heater.jpg

An automatic heater for very large freshwater and marine aquariums. The plastic housing protects the heater from breaking and the inhabitants of the tank from getting scalded. Recommended for aquariums in which large and strong fish are kept.

Flow Heater.jpg

Our Flow Heater is the first one featuring a Smart Heating System (SHS) – a smart power adjustment technology. The microprocessor adjusts the heating power to maintain the desired temperature in the aquarium. This translates into the smooth operation of the heater – without temperature surges in the aquarium and, by the same token, without stressing its inhabitants. With the electronic thermostat, the LED display shows not only the programmed but also the current water temperature. Electronic temperature sensors protect the aquarium from overheating and automatically switch off the device in no flow conditions. As the device is located on the outlet hose of the external filter, heated water is evenly distributed in the tank. The heater is mounted outside of the aquarium, so it does not take up space inside the tank and gives more freedom in terms of the interior arrangement.

  • The first intelligent flow heater

  • Features a Smart Heating System – adjusts the heating power to the size of the tank and the ambient conditions to optimise energy consumption

  • Features an electronic, high-precision thermostat offering a ± 0.5 accuracy within the range from 20 to 33°C

  • You can conveniently set the temperature with a single button – One Touch System

  • The LED display shows the programmed and current temperature value

  • 3 temperature sensors – 2 electronic, 1 thermal fuse

  • The heater switches off automatically in no flow conditions

  • For use on 16 / 22 mm diameter hoses in fresh water and marine aquariums

  • Elements included: the heater, two stable mounting brackets and clamping nuts

  • Made in Poland

CarboMax Plus

This is a unique filter cartridge , made of high quality active carbon, which has excellent absorption properties. Placed in the filter, it captures water and binds dissolved in it chemical substances. It neutralizes heavy metal ions and chlorine. It absorbs the remains of medicines and other chemical preparations. It also perfectly removes various discolorations (eg caused by wood placed in the aquarium). It has the form of durable, dust-free granules thanks to the carefully developed dust removal technology.

How does CarboMAX Plus work? 
The activated carbon used for the production of CarboMAX Plus has excellent absorption properties, thanks to which it absorbs toxic substances dissolved in it. It neutralizes heavy metal ions and chlorine present in tap water. Removes coloring substances from the water, restoring crystalline purity. It absorbs the remains of medicines and other chemical preparations.

Where and when does CarboMAX Plus work? 
CarboMAX Plus is perfect as a filter bed in canister filters, overflow filters, internal filters with chambers for loose powders (eg TURBOFILTER), as well as in sumps and filter chimneys.
CarboMAX Plus should be used in newly established aquariums to improve the quality and transparency of fresh aquarium water. One pack of CarboMAX Plus contains two bags of 0.5 l capacity. One CarboMAX Plus bag is recommended for a 150 l tank. CarboMAX Plus is especially recommended for exhibition tanks, where we want to achieve the right decorative effect in the shortest possible time. It is also used in the case of discoloration of aquarium water and after finishing the treatment of fish using chemical preparations.

How should I use CarboMAX Plus? 
CarboMAX Plus is immediately ready for use and does not require rinsing or any other additional activities. The contents of the packaging should be placed in the filter basket or in the filtration chamber. In order to ensure optimum results, it is recommended to place the CarboMAX Plus cartridge behind the mechanical filtration inserts and behind the biological filtration cartridges.

CarboMAX Plus is recommended for AQUAEL filters: UNIMAX, MIDIKANI 800, MINIKANI 80, MINIKANI 120, ASAP, TURBO and VERSAMAX.

How long does CarboMAX Plus work? 
The operation of the CarboMAX Plus cartridge (sorption) causes it to gradually fill and wear. In order to maintain optimal filtration properties, it should be replaced at least every 4 weeks.


Sponge cartridges for AQUAEL filters made of carefully selected sponge saturated with phosphate absorbent. The cartridge efficiently absorbs phosphates from the water. It is absolutely safe for fish and aquarium invertebrates as well as for plants.

It works selectively without capturing useful compounds from the water, such as micronutrients and vitamins. It does not release any toxic substances into the water. Over time it becomes gradually worn out. To maintain its continuity, it is recommended to replace it at least once every four weeks.

Mini UV.jpg

AQUAEL MINI UV is a unique device. It has the form of a short sleeve that is installed on the outlet of the filter. Four energy efficient UV emitting LEDs are located in its interior, effectively sterilizing the water flowing out of the filter. It is adapted for cooperation with all lines of internal AQUAEL filters (FAN, UNIFILTER, TURBOFILTER, PAT MINI). It perfectly removes algae from the water preventing it from greening. It kills pathogenic bacteria protecting the fish from diseases. It also destroys protozoa that cause water clouding.

The efficiency of UV LED was already tested in the UNIFILTER UV POWER filters and UNI UV modules for the UNIFILTER filters. What is more, it is easy to install and does not require additional maintenance. As it is powered independently it can be turned on and off at any time. Because of the size, the sterilizer does not blemish the inside of the tank and it can be also used in very small aquariums such as e.g. AQUAEL SHRIMP SETS used for keeping shrimps.

Quartz Sand: Natural and safe (does not hurt fish), for all kinds of freshwater aquariums. 0,1-0,3 mm is recommended for aquariums inhabited by bottom-dwelling fish (the fine sand does not damage their skin)

Basalt Gravel is ideal for aquariums inhabited by timid fish that prefer dark substrates; a comprehensive range of substrates natural and safe (do not damage fish) do not affect water chemistry (except for the deliberate action of dolomite gravel) suitable for all types of freshwater aquariums packed in sturdy 2 or 10 kg bags that are well suited for shelf display

Dolomite: Designed for aquariums with fish that likes hard and alkaline water (eg species from Lake Malawi, Lake Tanganyika, Lake Victoria), the parameters of which it stabilizes.

Multi-Color Quartz Gravel: Quartz gravel coated with a colorful, modern material. Thanks to the use of the highest quality raw materials, the gravel has no harmful effects on the aquatic environment and can be successfully used in any aquarium.

Natural Multi-Color GravelQuartz gravel coated with a colorful, modern material. Thanks to the use of the highest quality raw materials, the gravel has no harmful effects on the aquatic environment and can be successfully used in any aquarium.


Versa Garden.jpg

The innovative VERSA GARDEN modules are used to create green walls on the facades of buildings, fences and other vertical surfaces in your home and garden.

The VERSA GARDEN modules can be used both outdoors and indoors. They can be freely combined, allowing you to create breathtakingly beautiful, vibrant green walls that will enrich any garden, balcony, terrace or room, becoming what they call ‘neighbour’s envy, owner’s pride.’ The maintenance of these exceptional decorations only takes a few minutes a day. Use them to create unique plant arrangements even in a small space, covering the blank fragments of walls. This is an ideal solution for all lovers of greenery, with which plant care will be easier than ever!

The VERSA GARDEN modules consist of interconnected trays for plant pots. Each module includes four stacked trays, and each tray holds up to three pots (in total, the module holds twelve standard pots 90 mm in height and 120 mm in diameter). The module can be mounted using the included wall plugs. Its installation is relatively easy and requires no special technical knowledge. One of the great advantages of this product is ease of operation. All you have to do is to pour water regularly into the upper tray. The water flows down through a network of tubules and equally irrigates all the plants in the entire module. The surplus of water is accumulated in the bottom tray. The trays are equipped with overflow channels to automatically maintain the water level and prevent overflow.

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