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Life Aqua specializes in series of  high color rendering LED lighting system, specifically designed for nature planted aquarium. They also develop specialized accessories for planted aquariums

Tulip Aqua is the authorized Importer and Distributor of Life Aqua Products in India

Life Aqua Master Pro


Life Aqua - "Master Pro 2" is the is a master-class aquarium luminaire. Absorbing the experience of the first version of Master Pro, we use RGB LEDs to simulate natural sunlight to allow plants to grow healthily, and through the unique RGB ratio, the natural colors of objects are vividly displayed. In this second edition, we even combine nature and IoT technologies, allowing users not only to use the default natural color scenes we adjusted, but also to make adjustments (color and brightness) to suit your tank design. In addition, with a freely set schedule, you can simulate sunrise, sunset and natural colors for the water tank. This version also retains the adjustable brightness ripple light function to make your perfect water tank more perfect. Life Aqua "Master Pro 2" leads natural planted aquarium into future.

Life Aqua Prime Pro


Life Aqua “Prime Pro” series is a high color rendering and wireless controllable RGB + UV LED Aquarium Lighting, specifically designed for natural plants aquarium. Integrating our professional and unique technologies the RGB LED output is optimized, aquatic plants grow naturally and healthily. Plants' original colors are faithfully and perfectly presented. Plus, the wireless control technology, aquatic plants can be retained in the natural environment by simulating the cycle of sunlight (such as sunrise and sunset). Moreover, “Prime Pro” takes one step further than others with custom independent dimming functions in RGB and UV LEDs. Users can not only create the unique schedule and timer setting to keep the aquarium in the top condition, but also adjust the color and power of UV to present the unique and perfect aquarium. Life Aqua “Prime Pro” series leads nature planted aquariums into the future.

Life Aqua Smart Plug Type F.jpg
Life Aqua Smart Plug Type F


Masterline All ln One Soil is a fertilizing formula intended only for aquariums that use active soil in the aquasoil category. It is used only in aquariums with CO2 addition and is only dosed daily. All lnOne Soil offers a slower but healthier growth, and a better pigmentation, causing the plants to feed more with the nutrients contained in the soil.

Life Aqua Power Strip.jpg
Life Aqua Power Strip Type G


To upgrade your lighting system or any other electrical appliances into smart housing equipment, MaxLiving Series - Smart Plug and Power Strip is the best choice for users to move towards smart life. By combining our smart plug with any ordinary device, users can easily control and monitor the device through a smartphone. Combined with the schedule function, users can set up a unique home automation system to free their hands and enjoy life. No matter where you are, there is always one of 8 different types of main sockets and power strip for you. To live smart, choose MaxLiving as your step.

Life Aqua Dual Guage Co2 Regulator.jpg
Life Aqua Dual Stage Co2 Regulator


Life Aqua CO2 series - Regulator are the high precision single or dual gauges CO2 regulator, specifically designed for nature planted aquarium. The CE-certified 12V DV Integrated solenoid valve replaces the AC model, which is safer and more stable. Bubble counter with built-in check valve included to stop water backflow to bottle with high precision fine-tuning function. Life Aqua Regulator has strong compatibility, compatible with any size of CO2 cylinders with various inlet adapters. The dual gauges design provides a more precise reading of working output and internal gas tank pressure, so that users can monitor the pressure relationship between primary and secondary pressure regulators and easily estimate the time to replace emptied gas cylinder.

Dual Stage Regulated CO2 Splitter takes one more step, so that users can split the regulated gas from one cylinder to multiple aquarium tanks. Suggest up to max. 4 output. Optional accessory Manifold Extender with Bubble Counter are available.

Life Aqua Inline Co2 Diffusers.jpg
Life Aqua Inline Diffuser


Life Aqua CO2 series - Inline diffuser is an aquarium CO2 diffuser, used to atomize CO2 into extremely fine particles to dissolve in water, specially designed for installation outside the planted aquarium. Simply attach the diffuser to the canister tube, aquatic plants can easily absorb CO2 that is fully dissolved in water. Integrating the reverse osmosis ceramic tube technology and high-strength aluminum alloy and plastic structure, the diffuser can achieve excellent refining effect with safety and durability.

Life Aqua Auto Fish Feeder


MaxLiving SERIES - Smart Fish Feeder is an automatic fish food feeding system. Users can enjoy the fun of feeding fish and simplifies your life at the same time. Manual and automatic scheduling control can be selected by the user to meet different needs. Through the time control system for regular and quantitative feeding, users can avoid forgetting to feed fish due to working hours or vacations. Life Aqua combines technology and nature to lead the aquarium into the future.

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