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The President of DrTim’s Aquatics is Dr. Timothy A. Hovanec who, for 17 years, was the Chief Science Officer of Aquaria Inc., the parent company of Marineland Aquarium Products, Aquarium Systems (Instant Ocean) and Perfecto Manufacturing.

Dr. Hovanec’s groundbreaking research on nitrifying bacteria led to him discovering and developing BioSpira® and then DrTim’s Aquatics One & Only Live Nitrifying Bacteria.

Dr. Hovanec regularly speaks to pet store owners, distributors and hobbyists on a diverse range of topics, all with the goal of increasing knowledge exchange which can benefit everyone in the hobby.

Tulip Aqua is the authorized Importer and Distributor of DrTim's Aquatics Products in India

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One and Only Nitrifying Bacteria


One & Only Live Nitrifying Bacteria Are Extremely Versatile:

  • Eliminates new tank syndrome

  • Instantly creates a bio filter

  • Removes toxic ammonia and nitrite, naturally

  • No sulfur or other offensive odors

  • No wait needed

  • 100% natural

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Aquacleanse H2O


Use AquaCleanse Tapwater Detoxifier to:

  • Eliminate common chemicals in tapwater

  • Remove chlorine, chloramines and ammonia

  • Instantly detoxify tap water

  • Dextoxify water with no odor

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